October Goals 2017

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Hello Lovelies!

In case you didn't already know IT'S FINALLY AUTUMN! Autumn (if I haven't already made it obvious) is my favourite season. I love the darker nights, colder weather for reading in front of the fire with a hot cup of coffee. I know I'm a cliche but I am totally fine with that!

1. Take better care of my hair 
My hair is something I've never really bothered with I have been really lucky with it if I'm honest, I've never had an issue with growing it etc. But I want to start taking better care of it because it might not stay this healthy so this month I want to take the time to explore some hair care products.

2. Complete My Fall Cleaning List
Every season I like to deep clean my house, clean the things you wouldn't think of cleaning on the daily. I have got my list written ready to be completed so I want to make sure I get it all done by the end of the month. Ideally I would like to get them all done in the first week but that might be a little too ambitious. 

3. Plan Christmas Presents For Everyone 
Christmas is such a stressful time for everyone especially when you don't earn as much money as you would like. Working in retail means I pretty much live pay check to pay check. Somehow I always seem to leave things quite late and buy the majority of the presents in one month. Not this year! I am going to buy a few presents for my friends and family each month so I don't bankrupt myself in the process to avoid as much stress a possible.

4. Book My Theory
One of my 2017 goals is to pass my driving test, I am very aware that there isn't that much time left of this year meaning I HAVE to book and pass my theory test this month since I cannot book my actual driving test until I've passed my theory. Thankfully my instructor thinks I will be ready to pass before the end of the year! (wish me luck).

5. Share The Love With Fellow Bloggers
This isn't something I want to do in October alone but I want to start doing it right now. I think it is so important to support and share the love towards fellow bloggers. Wether thats by commenting on a blog post, liking an Instagram Photo, Retweeting blog links or simple sending a message of support. Blogging fundamentally balls down to community, we are a community with the same passion i.e. blogging hence why sharing the love is so important.

So there you have my October goals, They're a little more relaxed than previous months which has left me feeling super motivated and less pressured! What're your goals for this month?

Feather & Down Sleep Products*

Monday, 25 September 2017

Hello Lovelies!

I was sent the most amazing pr package a few weeks ago and if you can't already tell by the title, i was sent some products by a brand called Feather & Down. Inside there were four amazingly packaged products to help me sleep like a baby.

Melting Shower Cream - £6

The first product I was sent was their melting shower cream. This product is designed to hep sooth and relax you after a stressful day. When rubbed into the skin this product turns into a nourishing oil which leaves my skin feeling amazing, it also has the most gorgeous lavender scent. I have found with a lot of other products similar to this, the lavender is so potent it isn't relaxing however this one has such a soft lavender scent it really leaves me feeling ready for a good nights sleep. I have been also loving using this product as a bubble bath surrounding myself with the beautiful relaxing scent makes me feel so relaxed and ready to catch some zzzz's.

Next in my lovely parcel was the soothing body oil, this product is designed to sooth the skin, seal in moisture and relax the senses. I can honestly say this product does all three of those things. It sprays out in a fine mist meaning not too much oil smothers your skin which I hate! It has the same scent as the shower cream which is lovely, its light and calming. My skin felt so soft and hydrated after using this product and definitely soothed my senses. I have been using this product after getting out the bath or shower in the evening.

This product is packed with Lavender, Chamomile and Vitamin E meaning this little pot is filled with a concoction of relaxing goodness. I have been applying this to my pulse points every night since receiving it and I have been loving it. I have been sleeping better than I have in a long time. Massaging this fragranced balm into your pulse points means the scent will last longer which allows you to relax and fall into a deep and restful sleep.

Last but by no means least is my favourite product I received, pillow sprays are so popular and loved by so many people and I couldn't agree more. I find pillow sprays leave a gorgeous relaxing scent on your bedding which help you fall to sleep so quickly, well for me anyway. This is by far my favourite pillow spray I have used, like the other products it has such a beautiful light lavender scent. I have been spraying this around my room as well as on my bedding literally every single night. The only negative I have to say about this product is on the days I start work at 5:30am I really don't want to get up because I was having the best sleep ever!

I am so grateful to Feather & Down for spoiling me with these incredible products, My sleep game has forever changed for the better may I add. You can find these godsends in Boots, I rally recommend you give them a try. They have a few more bath & body products and they also have some home fragrances which I am dying to get my hands on. 

Have you ever tried any products to help with you sleep?

September Goals

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Hello Lovelies!

It's finally Autumn!! I am so happy September has finally rolled around. I love Autumn, I love everything about it. From the darker reading filled evenings to spiced scented candles. I am planning on taking September by the balls by working my ass off to work towards the bigger picture I want to achieve. 

Blogging Goals

1. Be more active in the pod

I am involved in an Instagram pod, I'm sure you all know what pods are. I am in one filled with so many lovely talented ladies which is why I want to be more on top of their content. I work a lot as I have mentioned before which makes blogging etc a little more difficult which is why I have been struggling with pods. I am going to try extra hard this month to keep up to date with their content because it really is amazing. 

2. Work on social media engagement 

My engagement the past couple of months has dramatically dropped and the only explanation is I haven't been engaging myself. I want to put an end to that, I miss interacting in the big blogging world and I miss seeing lots of engagement on the posts I work so hard to create.

3. Concentrate more on the blog 

This is a major one I need to concentrate on. I used to be all about my blog I used to spend so much time in making my blog the best it can be for me. I have noticed my blog has been shoved on the back burner recently because I have been so concentrated on my social media. I need to put more of my time into my blog to get it back to where it used to be. To make it something I am proud of again. 

Life Goals

1. Eat healthier 

I have been on a healthy lifestyle kick / weight loss journey for about  month now and I have been doing so well until recently. I have been falling off track a little to often, thankfully I haven't gained but I haven't lost anything either. So this month I want to really concentrate on getting back on track.

2. Exercise 

This goes hand in hand with eating healthier I have never been one to exercise but I really want to start. I am hoping to start working out at least once a week at home to ease myself into it, hopefully I will start to enjoy it after doing it regularly enough. Well thats the plan anyway!

3. Read More

I have a goal to read 55 books this year which I am not going to achieve as I just haven't had the motivation to sit down and read I have been more interested in sitting on social media. However I have recently started reading again and I have been really enjoying it so I want to take this month to read as much as I possibly can to get as close to my target as possible. 

Twitter Dramas: Are They Worth It?

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hello Lovelies!

I wanted to share this post with you as I have noticed Twitter Dramas in the blogging community have become a daily thing. Now I wont bullshit you or act like mother Theresa and pretend as if I haven't ever been involved in any blogging dramas, because I have. 

A couple of days ago a certain blogger was dealing with a rather rude girl via email, she even went to the extent of creating an Instagram account and stealing other bloggers pictures.  Now I won't go too much into detail as it isn't my story to tell however something was posted on Twitter which exploded into this huge Twitter spat. Unfortunately I was involved in it. I believed what a lot of other people were saying, I retweeted and tweeted about it myself. Granted It wasn't as bad as some of the things being said BUT I was just as guilty as the rest of them. To cut a long story short said blogger shut down the allegations with the truth, which essentially made me feel like an asshole. I was involved in something which upset someone else and for what? NOTHING! What was being said wasn't even true so the only thing achieved was hurting that person. I have since apologised and can only hope she knows that it was sincere. 

This situation however got me thinking, how many of us have been involved in social media drama involving other people. How many of us have jumped on the band waggon without knowing all of the facts? I know I have. In some cases the shit being said might well be true but is it really worth getting involved in, in case it isn't? Is it really worth the risk of unnecessarily hurting another person? I certainly don't think it is. Now I know Twitter drama can be exciting and funny but how do you think the person on the other end of it feels. We have no clue as to what they deal with on a day to day, we have no idea what their mental state is. The backlash of publicly humiliating someone can be catastrophic. 

I won't pretend to be a saint, I won't act as though I have never been a bitch because I have. I am a very upfront and honest person but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person, I make mistakes. I hate upsetting other people. I'm not going to say I won't ever be involved in a twitter drama again because I don't have a crystal ball. But I am going to, in future think before I Tweet. I am going to think of the repercussions and affect things like this can have on other people. As bloggers we should be building each other up not pushing each other down, we should be helping each other. Blogging isn't easy we all know that so why should we go out of our way to make it harder for others? I will be thinking before I tweet, thats for sure. If we all tried to think before we act the blogging community would be much more positive.

What's your opinions on Twitter dramas? Comment below or tweet me @chloedentonxo

What Am I Doing With My Life..?

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hello Lovelies!

I am currently laying in bed with a decaf cup of tea, at 10pm writing this impromptu post. This week so many amazing people received their exam results and it has got me thinking, what am I actually doing with my life?

So a little background about where I am currently at with my career, or should I say lack there of and how I got myself in to this situation. So in 2008 I started secondary school as the uncool chubby kid, my first year and a bit I did okay and my behaviour was relatively okay too. However my behaviour started to change quickly for the worse. I got involved with the wrong crowd (yep, that cliche) and I turned into someone I'm really not, I became the gobby loudmouth with a bad attitude who had basically no respect for anyone or myself. That continued pretty much through out my entire secondary school life. A managed move and a couple years down the line I find myself at 16 and doing my GCSEs, my dad had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I started to buck up my ideas. I changed, I had no choice but to dramatically change. I didn't do the best in my GCSESs I missed a couple of exams due to having to care for my dad. As you can probably guess my results weren't great.

I managed to get into college and I studied level 2 business, I was actually one of three to pass which was a big deal for me. I then didn't really do anything with it. I am now working as a retail supervisor, the pay is terrible and to be honest it is something I am not interested in. Growing up I always had huge dreams and aspirations which amounted to nothing, thankfully I am only 20 so I have time to turn my life and career around.

Now, onto the real reason for this post, I have been considering and looking into some online courses. As a blogger I am obviously very interested in social media and all that goes along with it hence why I am looking at social media management and digital marketing as career choices. I'll be 100% frank with you, I don't have a clue where to start but I am certain it is something I want to achieve. I am honestly so unhappy with how my life has turned out, don't get me wrong I have an amazing family, boyfriend; bestie, house etc which I am thankful for...but something is missing. I am sick of letting my life fly by and essentially amounting to nothing. So many people I went to school with have started amazing careers and are doing incredibly well for themselves and it gets me thinking, what have I achieved? What have I got to show for all those years in education? A name badge reading 'Chloe, Sales Supervisor' it doesn't seem too appealing to me. Don't get me wrong I am proud of my job and I enjoy it but I think thats simply down to the insanely hilarious, lovely people I work with.

It is time for me to grab life by the balls, jump in head first and get that career I desperately want and need. It's just figuring out where to start.

Apologies for this extremely rambled, all over the place post but it is something I needed to get off my chest. Do any of you have any advice for me or changes you want to make in your life? Let me know in a comment below or tweet me @chloedentonxo.

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