Summer Nail Polish Picks

Friday, 23 June 2017

Hello Lovelies!

In todays post I am going to share with you the nail polish that I will be reaching for this summer. I find I have certain shades I like to reach for depending on the season. I am a huge lover of nail polish, I find the routine of painting my nails really therapeutic and it gives me the little me time I need.

AVON Nail Wear Pro+ - Minty

I absolutely love this shade, It is such a beautiful pastel Aqua blue colour. Avon do some of my all time favourite nail polishes, the quality of their nil polishes is incredible as well as them being very inexpensive. I find Avon nail polishes last really well on my nails. This particular shade I have been loving on my toes.

Barry M Gelly Shine - Sugar Plum

As I am sure you are all very much aware of my love (obsession) with Barry M nail polishes. They are THE BEST drugstore nail polish brand out there. They shade range they have is beautiful, they all apply amazingly well and they also last really well on the nails. This shade is a dusky muted fuchsia and is so beautiful. Whenever I wear this shade I receive so many compliments as the colour is so pretty an d unique.

Essie - Go Ginza 

This is a shade which I have spoke about a few times on here and rightfully so! The amazing Young Wild and Polished on youtube raves about this shade which essentially coaxed me into buying it. I'm so glad I did. In the bottle Go Ginza looks like a pastel lilac, which it is but when applied onto the nails it so much more, it has a white undertone to it which is so unique.

Rimmel 60 Seconds - Chin Up Buttercup 

This shade is a very very bright yellow, I never use this on my entire nails as its a little to bright for me. What I love using this for is nail art like flowers. It is extremely opaque and works amazingly well for the centre part of a flower. For me a yellow like this is essential. 

Essie - Cocktail bling

This is another shade I have spoke about on my blog  few times. This is such a stunning pastel grey colour which I tend to lean towards for a night out or when I have hardly no time to paint my nails. For some very strange reason I find this nail polish so easy to apply quickly making it the perfect shade for when you're running against the clock. Like all of the other Essie polishes I have tried it applies smoothly and lasts so well.

Miss Sporty Gel Shine - Paris

I have been wearing this shade non stop recently as it is so damn pretty, it is a beautiful dusty pink shade which is literally my favourite colour at the moment. The best this about this nail polish is how long it lasts. I am a supervisor in a shop so its very hands on meaning nail polish never really lasts as long as when I'm not at work. Until this one! paired with my HK Girl top coat and wrapping the tips it easily lasts 5 to 7 days!

What is your favourite nail polish at the moment?

June Goals 2017

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Hello Lovelies!

So although we are already quite a few days in to June I thought I would still share with you my goals for this month. I really enjoy writing these posts, as sharing my goals makes me feel more motivated to complete them. I love reading other peoples monthly goals I also like the idea of being able to look back on them in the future.

This months goals are as follows...

1. Start driving lessons again.
This is a really important goals for me because my theory runs out towards the end of August which only leaves me with just over a month to be test ready!

2. Finish Reading 3 books.
I haven't been doing too well with this years reading challenge recently so I want to use this month to get out of my major reading slump and enjoy some good books.

3. Take time to pamper myself.
Like most girls I love a good pamper but I never really have the time to actually do it. This month I want to try and have at least two pamper evenings as I find they not only relax me but they also help me feel happier within myself and leave me feeling motivated in day to day life.

4. Post on Instagram more often.
This is something I seem to struggle with, I find myself getting hyped up and super motivated for a week or two and then I think to myself *whats the point, I'm not getting anywhere* I want to stop that mind set. Instagram at the moment is fucked, most of the people who are managing to grow their accounts at a steady rate have bought their followers, I know a lot of us are in the same rut of not being able to grow. I want to be able to not give a shit about how many followers I do or don't have, I want to let my creative juices flow and enjoy posting content I love instead of worrying about numbers.

Thats it, my goals for June. What goals have you set yourself this month? comment below -xo

May Favourites 2017

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hello Lovelies!

Todays post is my May favourites, I haven't been consistent at all this year with these posts which is a huge shame as I really enjoy reading other peoples. This month there aren't many makeup products in my favourites since I have been working loads meaning I have only had the change to wear vey minimal makeup.

Soap & Glory: Clean On Me

Im sure you have all tried this product out as it is such a classic. I have been using this so much recently and I'm loving it. The clean on me scent is one of my favourite scents from Soap & Glory it is such a spring scent. This shower gel lathers up so nicely which I really like in a shower gel becuase it makes me feel like it is really doing it's job. It is so creamy and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

Dove: Purely Pampering Body Lotion

I have been loving this body lotion for a while now, there isn't much to say about this other than it smells AMAZING its quite similar to cocoa butter which I love it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and nourished. It has quite a thick consistency without feeling like a heavy balm, it buffs well into the skin sinking in quickly without feeling greasy which is a must for me as I cannot stand a greasy moisturiser. 

Soft & Gentle: Jasmine & Coco Milk Deodorant

I think I have found a new favourite deodorant, I bought this a few weeks ago from Tesco as it was on offer, I always tend to buy whatever deodorant is on offer since I've never really thought about trying to find a favourite, Until now. Now it is getting hotter I really need a deodorant which actually works, cause lets face it no one wants to be a B/O sweaty betty. Not only does this stop me from sweating but it also smells really nice, It has a lovely light floral/powdery scent to it which I love. I have a feeling i'll be sticking to this one from now on.

Garnier: Oil-Infused Cleansing Water

I have been obsessed with this recently, I am super lazy when it comes to skincare so a micellar water is literally my favourite thing ever. This particular one feels so moisturising on my skin which makes me feel slightly better about myself if I am too lazy to carry out my full skincare routine after a long day at work. I have written a full review here, if you're interested.

M.A.C: Mineralise Skinfinish in Global Glow

Okay, this probably won't be much of a surprise if you have been reading my blog for a while now. It is no secret that I am huge fan of this highlighter. I have been loving it recently since it is getting sunnier. During spring and summer I love a glowy look to my skin, I also fake tan more too so this highlighter is perfect for when I have a tan. Not only does this make me glow like a fabulous disco ball it also looks beautiful patted on your eyelid for a subtle sparkly look!

Miss Sporty: 552

Dusty pinks have become a huge favourite of mine, I love this colour and the polish in general. Miss Sporty is incredibly affordable and amazing quality. These polishes apply amazingly well and last for ages! I have been wearing the shit out of this shade and will continue to do so. usually I get bored of colours very quickly, apart from this one! 


Last one, I have been OB-FREAKING-SESSED with ice coffee recently. As I have already said 20,000 times in this post, it is getting much warmer now; so I am going off hot drinks. I love coffee, probably too much so iced coffee for me is perfect. I boil the kettle add in my coffee and sugar preference and only pour a tiny amount of boiling water to dissolve the coffee and sugar. I then add in some caramel coffee syrup, cold water, ice cubes and milk. Voila, iced coffee! (your welcome).

What have you been loving this month, let me know -XO

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Hello Lovelies!

Todays post I have decided to review Rimmel's Match Perfection foundation. Rimmel have been my favourite drugstore brand for foundations for as long as I can remember, They work really well with my skin and I have never had any breakouts from using their foundations. This particular foundation claims to have 24 hour moisture hydration, pore blurring effect & SPF 20.

I tend to reach for drugstore foundations on a daily basis, especially on days I am working. I hadn't tried this particular foundation until a few weeks ago when I run out of my wake me up foundation, which has been a favourite of mine for about a year and the only reason I decided to try something new was because Tesco didn't have my shade (what a surprise).

The first thing I noticed when trying it out for the first time, was it has a very similar consistency to Wake me up which I really liked. I would say this foundation is medium to full coverage, I much prefer fuller coverage foundations because my skin is far from perfect and needs a little more covering in some places, especially the redness on my cheeks. I was really impressed with how well it blended into my skin, I was even more impressed with the fact it did actually minimise my pores. It is a known fact that I have very large pores so anything that can mask them is my best friend.

So my verdict?

 I actually PREFER this foundation to wake me up. Not only does it minimise my pores amazingly well but it lasts really well too. Don't get me wrong it isn't a miracle worker, you for sure need to set it with a powder. I forgot to set it on a day I was running late for work and I noticed half way through my shift my foundation was starting to go patchy which freaking sucked! As long as I remember to set this foundation then I'm all good. I am 100% going to continue to repurchase this foundation, not only is it amazing but it is also incredibly inexpensive...step aside wake me up.

Do you have a favourite drugstore foundations?

Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette Review

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hey Lovelies!

Today I wanted to share with you a review of the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette. This palette has been so popular recently in the blogging community & I have wanted it ever since I saw it on Instagram months ago. I eventually bit the bullet and ordered after seeing it in stock on Beauty Bay

This palette is everything I thought it would be and more all of the shades are absolutely stunning and there isn't even one shade in this palette I wouldn't use, there is usually at least one shade in a palette I would never touch but thats not the case with this one! All of the shades are amazingly pigmented and have really good staying power, if you apply them in the morning they will for sure still be there when you are ready to take them off in the evening! 

So I'm sure you're all ready to see the swatches!

Left to Right: Crystal, Ploof, ThanksALatte, Transition, Hashtag.

The top row of the palette are perfect highlighting and transition shades. I especially love Crystal & Hashtag, Hashtag is such an amazing burnt orange shade which is super on trend at the moment. 

Left to Right: Awesome Sauce, Bestie, Toffee, Chill, How U Doin.

The second row is just as pigmented as the one before, all of the shimmer shades have insane colour pay off, they're buttery and apply like a dream!

Left To Right: Bat My Eyes, Cool Beans, R U Kitten Me, So Jelly, On Fleek.

The 3rd row has the most amazing crease/transition shade (R U Kitten Me) which not only blends amazing well but it also works really well with every single shade in this palette. I feel as though an amazing matte brown is essential is practically every eyeshadow palette. 'On Fleek' is also such a beautiful shade for all over the lid!

Left to Right: Brownie Points, Teddy Bear, Glamping, Cranberry Splash, Wine N Dine.

The first two shades in the final row (Brownie Points & Teddy Bear) are also two gorgeous mattes, Brownie points is a beautiful warm dark brown which would be amazing for the outer v on a more simpler look and Teddy Bear would look so pretty either on the outer v or all over the lid for deep smokey eye. The Final shade I want to talk about is one of my all time favourites 'Cranberry Splash' it is such a beautiful reddy/burgundy shimmer which not only looks amazing all over the lid but it also looks beautiful in the outer V. This shade is perfect to add a little dimension on a softer look but it is also perfect to really smoke it out!

Have you tried this palette? if not then what is your all time favourite eyeshadow palette?

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