Flat Tummy Tea 4 Week Review

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Hi Loves!

Okay so two weeks ago I posted a two week review of the flat tummy detox tea, if you didn't read it feel free to do so here.

Flat Tummy Tea is a 2 step herbal detox tea, it is designed to naturally decrease bloating, boost your energy levels, support your metabolism and cleanse your system (improve digestion). You can choose between a two week cleanse or a 4 week cleanse. I was sent the 4 week cleanse to review (obvs).

The package came with two sachets of tea in a cute little zipper bag the first, larger bag is the Activate tea which you take first thing every morning. I was so worried about how the tea would taste as I don't usually like herbal teas but it was actually really nice. I would drink mine whilst getting ready for work in the morning giving the tea time to get into my system before eating and also giving it time to give me energy which it really does! I have found myself with much more energy since drinking the tea which, for me is essential as some days I have 5:30am starts! 

The second tea in the package is the cleanse tea which you take every other evening, I liked drinking mine about an hour before bed as it really helped to relax me and again it tasted really nice! I mentioned in my previous blogpost that these teas do really clear your out (soz for the TMI). If you're considering trying flat tummy tea don't panic thinking you'll have to run to the bathroom several times a day because it wasn't like that for me at all, you can just tell that it is really clearing you out.

My Verdict?

I bloody love this tea! It does exactly what it is supposed to do, I am less bloated and have loads more energy. At first I didn't notice many changes on the bloat front until I came on my period (more TMI sorry!). When I get my period I bloat like a bitch and feel so sluggish which I didn't get AT ALL!!! I had a hard stomach on the first day but that was only my muscles constricting in pain. I couldn't believe I didn't get any bloating at all. After mother natures visit I really started noticing how much my bloating had gone down. I am really impressed with this tea and love my results, I am planning on using this tea every couple of months to maintain my bloating because I really do love it.

Two week cleanse - £29.55
Four week cleanse - £40.23

Have you ever used a de-bloating tea?

Best In Beauty 2016

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Hey Loves!

I have seen quite a few people posting about their favourite products of 2016 and I really enjoyed reading them, which got me thinking about the products I love[d]. For be 2016 was a really good beauty year and I tried out so many products I have fallen in love with.

This primer I'm sure you have all heard of, this is a pore filling primer which for me is essential as I have rather large pores this product blurs them and gives a flawless base for my foundation.

This foundation is omg amazing, I really wanted to try more mac products this year and this foundation was one of them. This foundation is on the more fuller coverage side but it is also buildable to ensure all blemishes are covered. I really liked using this foundation for on nights out and also on bad skin days. 

Okay, we all know I love this foundation I have spoke about it several times on my blog and have been using it for years. It is a medium coverage foundation but can be built up to a fuller coverage without looking cakey! I have gone through so many of these in 2016 and will continue to buy it.

This bronzer is owned by everyone and their mother, it is the perfect contour shade as it is super cool toned and not orange at all. I have loved this bronzer for contour so much this year i have actually run out almost totally!

Benefit boxed blushes are super popular in the blogging/beauty community and rightfully so! I have collected almost all of them but dandelion seems to be my all time fave as it is such a pretty subtle pink which is perfect for me as I tend to prefer more natural looking blushers.

This is another product which everyone seems to own, It is the most gorgeous pinky silver highlight which also looks amazing on the eyelids. I have used this product more than any of my other highlighters in my collection, and as you can see I haven't even hit pan!

TheBalm Mary-loumanizer 
This highlight was a staple for me this year especially for nights out it is less chunkier than the mac one more gold. It is one of those highlights that literally make your cheek bones pop. The only negative about this product is the powder is so soft they product tends to break. I have had to fix mine quite a few times!

I cannot live without this product!!! Mac fix+ (which I have explained before) is a finishing spray NOT a setting spray it will not prolong the wear of your make up what so ever. I use this product every time I wear makeup because I like to use a lot of powdered products blush, contour, highlight etc my face can look 'powdery' at times but this product totally eliminates that and leaves your make up looking bloody flawless. It can also be used to intensify eyeshadows which I love. p.s. fix+ sprayed on mac soft & gentle makes the most gorgeous shimmer lid shade.

I used the Urban Decay primer potion for so long thinking it was the dogs bollox..lol..I then purchased soft ochre and my life is has been changed. It is the most perfect eyeshadow base I find it practically works as a glue it really sticks the eyeshadow to your lid. It is also really amazing to use if you like wearing a cut crease.

Again I am sure you guys already knew this would be on my list as it is my all time fave naked palette. The shadows are so incredibly stunning and really long lasting, there is an amazing mix of shimmer and mattes which is great. I love wearing pinky shades on my eyes day to day which is basically the entire palette! you also get some more shimmery and dark shadows for evening looks too. Everyone needs this in their collection. 

For me 2016 was the year of mac lippies as I did buy quite a few. Mac is my favourite brand for lipsticks as they are such amazing quality and last amazingly well. My two favourites of this year were Velvet Teddy and Twig. Velvet Teddy as you all know is a nude mate lipstick and an absolute classic ever since the 'Kylie Jenner lip craze'. Twig is a gorgeous reddy brown nude it is a satin finish and again lasts really well, I personally like to dab translucent powder over Twig to make it matte.

What were your beauty favourites of 2016?

2017 Goals & January Goals

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Happy New Year Bitches!

First of all I'm sure you are all bored of hearing this by now but..oh.my.god. How quick has 2016 gone?! I genuinely cannot believe we are already in 2017! I hope you all had an amazing 2016 and are feeling just as motivated as me to grab 2017 by the balls. I love reading other peoples goals so I thought I would share mine too.

Yearly Goals
1: Motivation
I have realised I can be such an unmotivated person, I have so many things I want to do in my life but I struggle finding the get up and go to actually do them! so I want to take 2017 as my opportunity to become more motivated.

2. Pass My Driving Test
Some of you might already know but I did a one week driving course in 2015 and failed...My theory runs out this August (which took me 3 attempts to pass) so I really need to pass my test before August! Especially since my job requires me to do some 5:30am starts meaning Scott has to wake up at the crack of dawn to take me to work.

2: Learn How To Manage My Money
Okay, this is a difficult one. I am known for being really really shit with money. I spend lots of money on well, nothing actually. I really want to start budgeting and saving this year as I really want to buy a house in the next 5 years which is hella expensive! I'm not too sure how successful I'll be but...wish me luck!

3: Become More Serious About Blogging.
I have started to become really slack where blogging is concerned this one also ties in with the motivation side where I just haven't had the get up and go I need to get shit done but I am hoping in 2017 I can find my motivation and kick some blogging ass.

January Goals

1: Post Twice A Day On Instagram
I haven't been posting half as much on Instagram as I used to and you can really tell! I've lost so many followers and I get less likes. My engagement is all around down! So being more active will hopefully bring my Instagram back to where it used to be.

2: Finish My Vanity/Office 
If you follow my Twitter (@chloedentonxo) you will have seen I am splitting my vanity to half vanity half office desk. I really want a designated 'blogging' space to hopefully keep me motivated because I find sitting on the sofa blogging I get so distracted and don't do what I need to do. Keep an eye out on social media and Bloglovin for the blogpost on how I split my vanity.

3: Become More Active On Twitter
Much like Instagram where I have been lazy and not as active my Twitter engagement has drastically decreased and I really want to work on that not only this month but all year.

Thanks for reading beauts, what are your goals for 2017?

Two Weeks Of Flat Tummy Tea

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Hey Loves! 

Happy new Year!! I thought I would kickstart 2017 with a little mini review of Flat Tummy Tea. I was contacted a little while ago by a lovely girl who works at flat tummy tea offering to send me some of their tea to review, I have heard a lot of god things about this tea so thought I would try it out for myself to see if it actually works. I am just over two weeks in to the 4 week cleanse and so far so good.

In the package I received the activate pouch of loose tea which you drink once every morning and then the cleanse loose tea which you drink every other evening. Both teas to me taste really herbal which if I'm totally honest was worried about as I usually don't like herbal tasting teas but these ones are so nice, as they are really refreshing and calming. I have noticed my bloating has gone down a hell of a lot especially since the time of the month came and I had barely any bloating where as I usually get really bloated. This tea pretty much clears you out which you would expect, I am really looking forward to finishing my last two weeks and feeling the benefits of these two teas. Stay tuned for my full review in two weeks time|!

Have you ever tried any de-bloating teas?

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Merry Christmas!

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and have received lots of amazing prezzies! Christmas is my most favourite time of year, I just love the festive feeling. This year I was incredibly spoiled, Scott and I decided this year we would spend christmas day at ours just us two since I have been working a lot I just wanted to have a chilled out christmas day.

Scott and I like to make stockings for each other every year, which are the first presents we open on christmas day. In my stocking this year I got some nail scissors (for trimming my brows) some makeup wipes, a new real techniques sponge because mine was really gross! He also bought me some dry shampoo although Scott usually uses most of my dry shampoo, I got an acrylic nail kit because I have run out of my acrylic liquid and the place I order mine from takes ages to deliver, he then also bought me some pro voke silver conditioner because I bought the shampoo the other week to get rid of the brassiness in my ombre. Finally in my stocking was a barry m nail polish in the most gorgeous dusky pink shade. I also had some Reeces chocolate and some nerds in my stocking but they're long gone!

From Scotts brother and sister-in-law they bought me a Betty bath and lotion set and some prosecco. I am really looking forward to having a bath with the bath crystals whilst having a glass of prosecco. I'll be the best time to wind down after working so much!

Scotts mum bought me the most adorable pyjamas and fluffy socks with pugs on, I'm sure a lot of you might already know that Scott and I have a black pug called Buzz so these pyjamas are literally perfect. they are so cosy and the top is so fluffy it even has ears!!! She also bought me two pairs of fluffy socks (one of which I am wearing now) Scott also bought me some pyjamas that I am also wearing right now.

Okay, so I'm not too sure if Scott is trying to tell me I smell as he bought me two bath sets but....The first set he bought me was this dove set which comes with an eye mask, body wash, deodorant, a body poof thingy, body butter, a car of soap and bath creme. The scent of this set is so relaxing I ca just imagine using these products to wind down after a stressful day at work.

The second set Scott bought me was a Soap and Glory set which he knows is one of  my all time favourite bath brands. Clean on me is the original scent and one of my favourites! I was so shocked that Scott remembered that I loved this brand, this set and the Dove set were ones I didn't ask for which made it even more surprising. 

Scott also bought me a Yankee Candle in Winter Glow, He knows that I am 100% obsessed with candles and he picked an amazing scent. This candle is sweet and warm without being too over powering which I really like, I had it burning all of christmas day and I made our living room smell amazing! It also helped really well with the awful smell of burning in our house, I forgot about the Yorkshire puddings in the oven and lets just say they were smelly and cremated sticking the house out (whoops).

my sister Rochelle came to see me a few days before christmas and she gave me my presents then, she bought me the MAC Fix + which I run out of ages ago and she also bought me two lush bath bombs (which I have already used).

This year Scott bought me two perfumes this one, Gucci Rush which is one that I asked for, it is the first perfume Scott ever bought me. He bought me this perfume (the first time around) from duty free on his way back from a lads holiday. Everytime I smell this perfume it brings me straight back to when we first got together, it is my all time favourite scent.

This next present was a total surprise, Scott bought me my pandora bracelet two years ago on valentines day and he has been filling it up ever since. He said he picked this charm after him and I dressed Buzz up in a santa hat and coat. I thought it was such a sweet thing to do and it is one of my favourite presents.

Finally my last presents was the second perfume from Scott, This was one I didn't ask for and I must say he done amazingly well! My sister has worn this perfume for years and I have wanted it ever since i first smelled it on her but I never wanted to spend so much money, Scott saw it was on an amazing deal on Boots and bought it for me without realising I had always wanted it! 

This christmas was so amazing it was a quite one with Scott and the dog which made it really special to me, I still have some presents to exchange with some of my family. The only downside to this Christmas is Scott and I decided we didn't really like turkey so have decided to have chicken in future haha!

What was your favourite present you received this year?

December Goals!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Hello Lovelies!

Okay, I know this post is slightly late but hey ho I'm finally getting around to it. I cannot believe it is already the last month of 2016!! Im sure you have all heard everyone saying this but it is so true, this year has flown by, I'm convinced as you get older time goes by much quicker, I mean christmas is exactly 2 weeks away holy shit balls!! I'll be honest I am currently writing this post whilst listening to christmas songs (I LOVE christmas)...nevertheless on to my December goals.

1: Become more motivated with blogging and social media.
Okay I have been rather slack on this front for a few months now and it isn't because I don't enjoy blogging because I love it, I think I've just caught the lazy bug! I need to start putting less pressure on myself to post because when I pressure myself I never get around to actually doing what I'm supposed to.

2: Get back into the routine of planning blog posts.
This is something I used to be really good at, when I didn't have a job I used to always have 2 weeks worth of posts planned and written, but with an incredibly busy work schedule that is near enough impossible. However I do want to write schedules of what I want to post and when, at least that way I know I have a time frame to get a certain post up, catch my drift?

3: Create a christmas playlist.
I love this time of year, and feeling festive but I find It's more difficult to get into the festive spirit as you get older. I always feel so christmassy when I listen to christmas songs so what better way than to have my own playlist of christmas songs I love.

4: Be more productive on my days off. 
Okay, I have a confession on my days off I like to laze around the house doing nothing (most of the time not getting dressed). I really want to get out of the habit of doing nothing on my days off because I am always left feeling as if I've done nothing but work all week. I find being lazy on all of my days off leaves me feeling really anxious and down too.

5: Create a cleaning routine/schedule.
Recently I have not been keeping up with my housework, that doesn't mean my house is dirty it just means it is messy more often than not. I really want to work out different chores to do on different days so I can keep on top of my housework rather than letting it build up all week and do it on the weekend. I find when my house is messy my mind is messy too I can't ever think clear or productively when I am surrounded by shit everywhere.

What are your December goals? comment below -xo

Festive Treats For A Cosy Day In

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Hi Lovelies!

Todays post I thought I would choose something more festive since it's now the 7th of December!! As some of you might have noticed I'm not taking part in Blogmas this year and thats because I was recently promoted to Supervisor at work so I have been working non stop recently!

During winter. especially the christmas period I love drinking hot chocolate and eating cute cupcakes so I thought I would share with you my quick and easy recipes. 

To make the adorable festive cupcakes you will need:
- 110g softened butter
- 110g caster sugar
- 110g self raising flour
- 1tsp vanilla extract 
- 2 eggs lightly beaten 
- 1tsp baking powder

Icing & Decoration 
- 140g butter softened
- 280g icing sugar 
- green food colouring 
- white chocolate 
- red sprinkles 
- drop of vanilla extract
- mini mint matchstick chocolate 

- Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and line your cupcake tin with cases.
- Cream the Butter and caster sugar together in a bowl until pale, then slowly beat in the eggs a little at a time and stir in the vanilla extract.
-  Fold in the flour and baking powder until the mixture is combined
- Once combined evenly fill your cupcake cases and put in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

- For the buttercream you want to beat the butter until it is pale and then slowly add the icing sugar, keep beating until it is much paler.
- Then add a little green food colouring and vanilla extract.
- put in to the fridge until you need it.
- To create your christmas trees melt the chocolate in a bowl add green food colour, once its all melted put the chocolate in a piping bag.
- place the mini match sticks on grease proof paper and begin creating your christmas tree.
- once they have set you can decorate your cupcakes :)

- First you want to select your favourite mug
- You then want to pour some milk into your mug and heat it up in the microwave.
- Next add 3-4 heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate (I like cadburys), stir until it is all mixes in.
- You then want to use squirty cream on the top, add some marshmallows, sprinkles and a candy cane. Voila a delicious christmassy drink.

Tip: The candy cane gives your hot chocolate a hint of peppermint, delicious!

What are your favourite treats for this time of year?

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