Blogging Tips: From me to you

Sunday, 15 March 2015

The most important aspect of any blog is the content. You will need both quality and quantity. High quality posts more often than not will mean more views, comments and follows, which is every bloggers intention and dream. Although there isn't an exact agenda you should follow to create the perfect post there are some small tips to help improve your blog.

Have High Quality Photos – High quality photos are very important when you are creating blog posts. If you are posting dark and blurry pictures there is a high chance that people will not continue to read your blog. Your photos have to be clear and bright. Now to create high quality photos you don’t need to buy an expensive camera. Most phones these days have cameras that can produce lovely high quality photos. My top tip is to use natural light!

Grammar & Spelling – It is important that your grammar and spelling is correct. It can get confusing if there are lots of mistakes in your posts. Having poor grammar and spelling could encourage your readers to distrust your posts as it will seem as though you are careless. I’m not saying that you have to be perfect because everyone makes mistakes but try to proof read your posts before you click publish.

Get Ideas from your audience – Ask your readers what content they want to see. Create blog posts that answer questions from people you engage with in social media.

Write for yourself – Make sure you ask yourself why you have created a blog. If you have created it just to gain followers or a fan base then blogging isn't for you. Your main reason should be because you have a passion for something and you what to voice your opinions and share your passion with others. So long as you are writing about your passions the followers will come.

Give it time – You need to be patient when blogging, you cannot expect to create a blog and have hundreds of followers overnight. The internet is a big and noisy place with lots of other people wanting the same thing as you. If you are willing to commit for a long period of time success will come to you. 

Most importantly, be yourself.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you all, What things have you guys done to improve your blog?

Much Love 


  1. I type my posts so quick to get my ideas down that I always make typos. I always ensure to proof read and correct any mistakes I've made before hitting publish
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

    1. I am the exact same, Reading though this post again I have still missed a few mistakes haha x


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