Blogtober #17 // Whats In My Handbag

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Hi Loves,

These types of posts are one of my favourites as I am super nosey so I thought I would write my own.

I bought my bag a few months back from River Island I was around £40 I also bought the matching purse which was about £20 (I think) What I liked about this bag was It isn't too big but it is a good size for my everyday items. it also came with a long baby blue strap but I just wear it on the crook of my arm. It is navy blue, white and beige with gold hardware.

The first thing in my bag is my blogging planner it is from and online shop called 'The Bloggers Planner' This planner is the best one I have had so far. It is so amazing it lest you play you posts write your monthly favourites etc. I then also have two pend to write in it. (nothing too fancy)

Next I have some practical things like chewing gum, iPhone cable, earphones and most importantly hand sanitiser. I won't go anywhere with out hand sanitiser in my bag as I have germs. This Soap and Glory hand sanitiser is one of my favourites as it's pink and smells good!

Lastly I have my sunglasses from River Island they are just big round glasses I also have a black pouch from river island to protect them form getting scratched. I also have a compact mirror which is always a must. Finally I have Ghost perfume which smells amazing!!!!

What is your handbag essential?


  1. Love your handbag and purse! These posts are always my fave :) x

    Christina Marie -


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