Blogtober #21 // Blogging Tips

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hey loves!

I wrote a blogpost a while back on this topic but I have learned a few more tips and tricks which work for me, so I thought I would share them with you.


1. Content

The biggest & most important thing when blogging is the content. you have to be passionate about what you're writing about. if you aren't passionate about it then it will show and people won't want to re-visit your blog. 

3. Photos 
Having good quality photos is important. Most people will judge your blog visually before reading any of your posts. When. Am looking for new blogs to read what I look for it bright clear photos. If your blog has bright clear photos it will show to readers that you take care in what you post on your blog. 

3. Networks
Promoting your new blogposts in social meida is a must. If you are sharing your blogposts in social media if is reaching s wider audience and it will help with getting more traffic to your blog. 

4. Twitter chats 
Twitter chats are held at certain times in certain days, using hashtags. When joining a Twitter chat make sure you are joining one which is relatable to your niche e.g. Beauty, lifestyle etc. Twitter chats help link you with other bloggers in the blogging community. It helps to gain followers but they also give you the opportunity to make friends.

5. Sharing 
when visiting other people's blogs and reading their posts make sure to like and comment on them. You have to make sure you are leaving a thought out comment that shows you actually read the post and honestly mean your comment. If it isn't genuine and you are only commenting to leave your link the blogger will not want to visit your blog. So leaving spam comments are not only annoying by they are also extremely pointless.

There are so many other tips to give new bloggers or bloggers who just want to improve but it would take forever to write them all! So these are my top 5 tips.

What would your blogging tips be? 


  1. Love these tips! Completely agree that being passionate about your content and visiting and commenting on other blogs is so important :) I need to get involved in some Twitter chats! Xx

    1. You should so do it. They are so fun, I love speaking to other bloggers. I must admit I need to get back into reading other blogs and commenting on their posts -xo


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