Living with my boyfriend // blogtober #12

Monday, 12 October 2015

Hey Loves!

You might have seen my previous post about 6 months ago letting you know that my boyfriend and I were moving into our first house together. We had been together a year and a half when we made this decision. We were aware that it was a huge step in our relationship and that it could potentially make or brake us. Six months later we are still living together and are extremely happy.

We have decided to move house again! We are moving into a 3 bedroom semi-detached house. We pick up the keys to our new place on the 17th of October!

Although we have had our arguments we are so happy together. I couldn't imagine not having him in my life. Waking up next to your soul mate and best friend has got to be the most rewarding feeling ever.

would you ever consider moving in with your partner? or if you already live with them what is it like?

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