My Road Trip Essentials // Blogtober #9

Friday, 9 October 2015

Hey Loves,

I am starting my driving lessons on the 12th of October (in 3 days!). I am doing an intensive driving course which means I am doing 48 hours of lessons over a course of 8 days. Which means I will be driving 6 hours a day! I then will be taking my test on October 23rd. Hopefully I pass! When I do I plan on going on a few road trips with my friends so I thought I would right a list of essentials I will bring with me.

1. Phone & Charger // I will obviously need my phone for taking road trip selfies! But I will also need it for listening to music and google maps. I will then need my charger for charging my phone, (way to point out the obvious chlo!)

2. Purse // I will need my purse for paying for fuel snacks and anything else which might tickle my fancy.

3. comfy clothes & spare clothes // I will need comfy clothes if we are travelling a long journey, I will be the driver so I'll need to me comfortable. I will also bring spare clothes to change in to.

4. Playlist // I will need a playlist on Spotify to listen to otherwise the drive could be really boring! It would most likely consist of cheesy 90s music!

5. Jacket & Blankets // Its now getting colder, so if I decide to go on road trips this year It will most likely be cold, I will also need to make sure I have blankets for my passengers. My car will have heating but blankets are always cosier!

6. Drinks & Snacks // These are the most important part of going on road trips. Sweeties and fizzy drinks!

What would your road trip essentials be?


  1. Great post! I love road trips and this is such a good essentials list! xxx

  2. These all seem great for a road trip♥♥


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