Christmas Gift Guide For Him 2015

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Hi Loves,

As we are in the run up to Christmas now i thought I would do a little series of Christmas related posts. My previous post was my Gift guide for Her so naturally I have to do a guide for Him. I personally find guys to be really difficult to buy for so I think posts like these can be really helpful.

The House Of Marley Uplift Earphones - £24.99

Earphones are always a safe option I think, as you can't really go wrong. I am always losing or breaking mine. i think earphones like these are the perfect stocking filler.

M:tech Spy Drone - £49.99

Drones seem to be the 'in' thing right now. Most guys would appreciate a gift like this, as they can be fun to play around with especially ones like these with cameras. Any tech loving guy would love this as a gift. 

Adidas superstar - £75
A lot of guys would jump at the chance to buy new trainers as the most fashionable and 'in' ones can be rather expensive. These Adidas Superstars have been really popular this years as they came out is so many different colours. Obviously these particular ones might not be everyones cup of tea (I personally like them)


This particular aftershave is the Chanel Allure Hommè blanche edition, which is Scotts personal favourite it retails at around £72 per 100ml. Christmas is the perfect time to buy your loved ones a luxury aftershave which they might not purchase for themselves.

What are you planning to buy for your male loved ones?


  1. My boyfriend is so hard to buy for, he has everything and is so picky! He would love a drone though, never even thought of that. Love all the techy things xx

    Tamz ||

    1. There's so many different types too! I think most guys would love a drone lol -xo

  2. Oooh love the drone! A very good idea... I might look into one for my boyfriend - he'd love that!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. I think most guys would want a drone haha. My boyfriend said he wants one but the helicopter type haha -xo

  3. I was going to buy a Drone for Georges Birthday but we ended up not knowing which one was the best one and gave up haha! its definitely a hit with men though! xo

    1. Yeah that's the trouble there are so many out there now a lot of them are so expensive as well -xo

  4. I don't need to buy for him ahah but this is so helpful for anyone who does! Good choices in my opinion! xx

    Jasmine ||


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