Monday, 7 March 2016

Pandora Earrings

Hi Dolls!

I was recently sent a pair of pandora earrings from a company called The Jewel Hut, They are an online jewellery company who sell a huge range of jewellery and brands.

These are the earrings I was sent, they are the Pandora January Birthstone Garnet earrings. Although my birthday is in-fact in March I love these earrings, They are such a pretty red/orange colour. pandora has got to be hands down one of my favourite jewellery brands not only is all of their jewellery stunning but their products are also such good quality. I have been earring these earrings ever since I received them, they are definitely my favourite earrings at the moment. They are really comfortable to wear which is a bonus. 

I must admit there is something really satisfying about wearing my pandora charm bracelet and earrings to match however there is a negative, which is now I own two pairs of pandora earrings I know now for a fact I want to start collecting Pandora earrings...which is definitely going to end u being rather pricey! 

Do you own any Pandora Jewellery?



  1. These are so pretty, love the colour! xx

  2. I have the ring to match these ear rings and love it. Never leave the house without it on. Might buy the ear rings now to match

    1. I really want to get the matching ring.m. You should definitely get the earrings to match! -xo

  3. I love Pandora, they do such sweet, dainty pieces! These earrings are lovely x

    Xtina G Says..

    1. Thanks lovely! I think Pandora is definitely my favourite jewellery brand! -xo


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