Flat Tummy Tea 4 Week Review

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Hi Loves!

Okay so two weeks ago I posted a two week review of the flat tummy detox tea, if you didn't read it feel free to do so here.

Flat Tummy Tea is a 2 step herbal detox tea, it is designed to naturally decrease bloating, boost your energy levels, support your metabolism and cleanse your system (improve digestion). You can choose between a two week cleanse or a 4 week cleanse. I was sent the 4 week cleanse to review (obvs).

The package came with two sachets of tea in a cute little zipper bag the first, larger bag is the Activate tea which you take first thing every morning. I was so worried about how the tea would taste as I don't usually like herbal teas but it was actually really nice. I would drink mine whilst getting ready for work in the morning giving the tea time to get into my system before eating and also giving it time to give me energy which it really does! I have found myself with much more energy since drinking the tea which, for me is essential as some days I have 5:30am starts! 

The second tea in the package is the cleanse tea which you take every other evening, I liked drinking mine about an hour before bed as it really helped to relax me and again it tasted really nice! I mentioned in my previous blogpost that these teas do really clear your out (soz for the TMI). If you're considering trying flat tummy tea don't panic thinking you'll have to run to the bathroom several times a day because it wasn't like that for me at all, you can just tell that it is really clearing you out.

My Verdict?

I bloody love this tea! It does exactly what it is supposed to do, I am less bloated and have loads more energy. At first I didn't notice many changes on the bloat front until I came on my period (more TMI sorry!). When I get my period I bloat like a bitch and feel so sluggish which I didn't get AT ALL!!! I had a hard stomach on the first day but that was only my muscles constricting in pain. I couldn't believe I didn't get any bloating at all. After mother natures visit I really started noticing how much my bloating had gone down. I am really impressed with this tea and love my results, I am planning on using this tea every couple of months to maintain my bloating because I really do love it.

Two week cleanse - £29.55
Four week cleanse - £40.23

Have you ever used a de-bloating tea?


  1. I have never tried these types of teas! Maybe I should.

    1. I have really enjoyed this tea it's definitely worth a go! -xo

  2. I've drank lots of different herbal teas before but never something like this, although it sounds like you've had a great experience with it! I do love that it gives you energy as well, I never really thought a herbal tea could do that.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I have tried a few in the past which haven't really done much for me but this one really has I love it! It definitely gave me more energy in the morning herbal teas naturally give you energy and are much healthier then the caffeine you get in coffee, it's definitely worth a go! -xo

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